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Without it, the country is vulnerable to a politics of conviction, populism and prejudice, of the kind which is described in Chapter 8 as it has affected crime and criminal justice. But the commitment must be wholehearted; and evidence, knowledge and understanding must be sought and applied with ;diligence and integrity. It is all too easy, in government or any public service, to assemble or pay attention only to the evidence which suits a person's prejudices or help their career, or to accept convenient conclusions which are superficial and hurriedly prepared.

Public servants were to be 'valued, not denigrated'. Human rights and citizenship The Government has generally presented its programme on consitutional reform as distinct from its programmes in areas of social and economic policy, criminal justice and the modernisation of public 40 Crime, State and Citizen services. But if the Government is serious about its constitutional programmes, their practical application will be intimately connected. Each aspect of the constitutional reform has the capacity to give an extra edge of legitimacy, and of public ownership and commitment, to the country's governance and public administration.

The House of Lords is in a state of transition, and its long term future remains undecided. For immediate purposes, potentially the most powerful of the Government's constitutional reforms is probably the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights through the Human Rights Act 1998. There has always been a strand of opinion in Great Britain which has seen the European Convention on Human Rights as something rather alien, unnecessary and potentially troublesome; and the enactment of the Human Rights Act as a measure justified only, if at all, by the saving in embarrassment and expense through not having to argue cases in Strasbourg.

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