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By Ari Ivaska (auth.), Ari Ivaska, Andrzej Lewenstam, Rolf Sara (eds.)

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Square filter c k 0 4. l. Graphical description of the four filter functions studied. chosen to yield the best smoothing result. The abrupt truncation by the reetangular filter is however known to introduce sidelobes to the smoothed ac polarograms. Use of a "matched filter" will reduce the sidelobes and enhance the signal-to-noise ratio but the smoothed signal will be broader. 3 In this study four different filters were investigated using simulated ac polarograms with noise added (by random number generation).

The output range of the converter-amplifier system can be manually selected. Discussion Our primary aim has been to construct a convenient electrochemical measuring system for the characterization of conducting polymers. These polymers have a long conjugated backhone and are usually insulating in the reduced state. -----' '02 y '). L_ SL VIA 6522 PB 3 r 100 pF PA 7 PBO 1 +sv = 1 K, R2 = 10 K, R3 = 100 K, R4 = 1 M. PB 7 +SV r----~PB4 ; ~----------~~----~-~ 1. ' ! 3. The autoranging (to the left) and data acquisition systems.

A. H. D. MacDonald, Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry, Vol. 8, (1984) 1. R. E. L. Booman, Anal. , 40 (1968) 1411. D. Salt and D. Lunney, Anal. , 52 (1980) 2237. P. Jayaweera and L. Ramaley, Anal. , 15 (1986) 241; L. P. Surette, Chem. , 8 (1978) 181. K. Chandler and D. Pletcher, Spec. Period. Rep. , 10 (1985) 117. P. Marque, J. Roncali and F. Garnier, J. Electroanal. , 218 (1987) 107. J. Roncali and F. Garnier, Nouv. J. , 10 (1986) 237. M. M. Pernaut, Synth. , 10 (1984/85) 117. SMOOTHING OF AC POLAROGRAPHIC DATA BY FFT FILTERING Johan Bobacka and Ari lvaska Labaratory of AnaJyticaJ Chemistry Abo Akademi University SF-20500 Turku-Abo, Finland Introd uction In ac polarography the measured signal often contains random fluctuations, usually referred to as noise.

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