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By Nicholas HM Caldwell

Carry out the mad scientist on your personality with our build better half. no matter if you are looking for in charge mechanical mount or henchgolem to hold your loot, or whatever a bit better to batter down a fort wall, the build significant other has you lined. The significant other is the entire consultant to making man made entities of all kinds-so begin equipping your lab this present day!

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Add 20% to the cost if parts of the Automata are intended to be collapsible or extensible. Multiply by 5 for High Carbon Steel (Steel II, +10). Multiply by 10 for White Alloy (Steel III, +15). Multiply by 50 for Black Alloy (Steel IV, +20). Steam-powered Device: 2 weeks plus engine time cost. Steam-powered Machine: 4 weeks plus engine time cost. Steam-powered Vehicle: 4 weeks (assumes 4-person or smaller vehicle, increase by 2 weeks for every extra 4 people) plus engine time cost. Time The base time to fabricate a non-magical invention can vary from a couple of weeks (a simple device) to several months (a large vehicle).

For every critical sustained, add the following to the roll: +1 (“A”), +2 (“B”), +3 (“C”), +4 (“D”), and +5 (“E”). A Malfunction can be as minor as a simple jam of the gearing or a catastrophic explosion of a steam boiler. It can be localized to an “Empowerment” portion of an Automaton or affect the entire Automaton. GMs may choose a dramatically appropriate effect or roll on the tables below. First determine the malfunction’s location. 7 MALFUNCTION LOCATION (D100 ROLL) 01-60 ......................................

G. a lock which is Hard to manufacture will require a Hard Picking Locks maneuver. Likewise constructing suitable traps requires a distinct Trap Building maneuver - difficulty level is again equal to the corresponding Disarm Traps maneuver. The inclusion of each feature (lock, motion, booby trap or extraneous addition) into the final puzzle box modifies the Automaton Gimmickry and Mechanition maneuvers by -5. These additions also penalize attempts to pick the locks and disarm traps by -5 for each feature.

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