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By Trost B.M., Fleming I. (eds.)

This quantity comprises 37 chapters on equipment for lowering practical teams, geared up into 4 major components. (i) relief of C=X structures, the place X is an electronegative heteroatom, divided into 14 chapters in keeping with the measure of relief, the oxidation point of the C=X substrate, and at the nature of the reagent. (ii) aid of X=Y platforms, divided into 3 chapters, protecting the relief of such teams as nitro, azo, and some of the sorts of P=O and S=O teams. (iii) aid of C=C and C≡C, divided into 12 chapters in response to the strategy of relief, with fragrant, heteroaromatic, and conjugated platforms taken care of individually, and together with an in depth dialogue of hydrometallation. (iv) relief of unmarried bonds, C-X to C-H, in 8 chapters, together with the hydrogenolysis of many of the different types of C-X bonds, the relief of epoxides, and the aid of vinyl derivatives to alkenes. every one bankruptcy features a dialogue of chemoselectivity, regioselectivity, and stereoselectivity, anywhere it's applicable, and so much contain suggestion at the reagent of selection, and the mechanistic foundation of a number of the tools of relief. briefly, it truly is, in the area to be had, as on the subject of a accomplished account of relief in natural chemistry as you could desire for.

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