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By Jonathan Orlando Zaddach

In this thesis, Orlando Zaddach applies a discounting scheme derived through Krysiak (2010) within the newest cube version and offers its implications for optimum weather coverage. additionally, he contains out a one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) sensitivity research to ascertain the discounting scheme for robustness. It seems that the proposed discounting scheme fails in incorporating patron sovereignty and intergenerational fairness sufficiently.

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The individual’s present utility of her entire consumption path ሺܿଵ ǡ ܿଶ ǡ ܿଷ ǡ ǥሻ is given by ஶ ሺʹሻܷሺܿଵ ǡ ܿଶ ǡ ܿଷ ǡ ǥሻ ൌ න ‫ݑ‬ሺܿ௧ ሻ݁ ିఘ௧ ݀‫ݐ‬ ଴ where ߩ reflects the individual’s degree of impatience. The individual starts life with the initial capital stock ݇଴ and devotes her entire time to work. The capital stock in ‫ ݐ‬is given by the sum of the inherited capital stock from period ‫ ݐ‬െ ͳ and the unspent income. The production function is given by the function ‫ݕ‬௧ ൌ ݂ሺ݇௧ିଵ ሻwhich gives the amount of production at each date ‫ ݐ‬if the capital stock inherited from the last date is ݇௧ିଵ .

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