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By Y. Oguchi, Y. Honda

Complement factor: Ophthalmologica 2003, Vol. 217, Suppl. 1

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Do you have any experimental data concerning the effects of PDGF-alpha on Müller cells? Dr. Nishikawa: I have no data beyond what is written in the paper that was published in Neuron in 1996. I will send you a reprint of this paper. Our study aim was not a detailed analysis. We just monitored the network that was stained with GFAP, and demonstrated suppression of the GFAP-positive network. Previously, Bill Richardson’s group studied the involvement of PDGF in the differentiation of neural stem cells into astrocytes.

Waring: Which intraocular lens style did you implant? Dr. Shimizu: The STAAR. Dr. Waring: The STAAR lens. This is an excellent question for posterior chamber lenses and for anterior chamber lenses. The white-to-white measurement is inaccurate with a variability of at least 1 mm. So, some lenses will be too big, and some lenses will be too small. The solution to that is to use 50-MHz high-resolution ultrasound to image the anterior segment. And such an instrument is now commercially available. That is the only way that I know to measure the sulcus and the anterior chamber today.

Mitsuru Sawa Dr. Makoto Tamai Dr. com © 2003 S. com/oph 1 Ophthalmologica 2003;217(suppl 1):3 Opening Address We are delighted to publish the proceedings of the 15th CIBA Vision Symposium, held in Tokyo and Osaka from October 31 to November 2, 2002. This publication is the fourth appearing as a special issue of Ophthalmologica. The proceedings include the impressive lectures of three doctors, that is, Terrence P. O’Brien, MD, Shin-Ichi Nishikawa, MD, PhD, and George O. Waring III, MD. These three speakers were selected by the Organizing Committee of Osaka and Tokyo as experts on important topics in modern ophthalmology.

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