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By Ciba Foundation, G E. W. Wolstenholme, Cecilia M. 1927- O'Connor

Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing comments (pages 1–2): A. Haddow
Chapter 2 Cytoplasmic and Nuclear constitution on the subject of Metabolic actions (pages 3–24): J. Bracket
Chapter three the results of Ionizing Radiations on Enzymes in vitro (pages 25–37): W. M. Dale
Chapter four The job of Enzymes and Coenzymes in Irradiated Tissues (pages 38–58): Antoinette Pirie
Chapter five results of X?Rays and Radiomimetic brokers on Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins (pages 59–76): J. A. V. Butler
Chapter 6 Oxidative Phosphorylation in a few Radiosensitive Tissues After Irradiation (pages 77–91): D. W. van Bekkum
Chapter 7 the results of Extraneous brokers on phone Metabolism (pages 92–105): H. A. Krebs
Chapter eight The impact of Oxygen on Radiation results (pages 106–119): H. Laser
Chapter nine The impression of Chemical Pre? and Post?Treatments on Radiosensitivity of micro organism, and Their value for better Organisms (pages 120–139): Alexander Hollaender and George E. Stapleton
Chapter 10 Postirradiation remedy of Mice and Rats (pages 140–160): D. W. H. Barnes and J. F. Loutit
Chapter eleven experiences at the Mechanism of Protein Synthesis (pages 161–173): P. C. Zamecnik, Elizabeth B. Keller, M. B. Hoagland, J. W. Littlefield and R. B. Loftfield
Chapter 12 Nucleic Acids and Amino Acid Incorporation (pages 174–184): E. F. Gale
Chapter thirteen Protein Synthesis in Protoplasts (pages 185–195): S. Spiegelman
Chapter 14 impact of Radiation on DNA Metabolism (pages 196–211): Alma Howard
Chapter 15 The impact of Radiation at the Metabolism of Ascites Tumour Cells (pages 212–224): Arne Forssberg
Chapter sixteen effect of Radiation on Metabolism of Regenerating Rat Liver (pages 225–238): Barbara E. Holmes
Chapter 17 The Induction of Chromosomal Aberrations through Ionizing Radiations and Chemical Mutagens (pages 239–254): C. P. Swanson and Bengt Kihlman
Chapter 18 basic websites of power Deposition linked to Radiobiologigal Lesions (pages 255–274): L. H. Gray
Chapter 19 results of Radiation and Peroxides on Viral and Bacterial capabilities associated with DNA Specificity (pages 275–308): Raymond Latarjet

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Brachet: Thymus would be rather different from liver, because thymus nuclei stain almost completely green with methyl greenpyronin. Butler: DNA from normal rat livers is also effectively free from RNA. Holmes: Dr. , and Webb, M. (1952), Exp. , 3, 153) showed by staining methods that, as prophase begins, ribonucleoprotein is added to the outside of the chromosome. This remains during metaphase and anaphase, but in late anaphase ribonucleoprotein appears to be shed from the chromosomes into the cytoplasm between the t,wo groups of chromosomes.

The only thing that has been done by Hammerling is the transfer of a nucleus between two species and what then happens is this: if you cut Acetabularia mediterranea just before the hat is formed, you will get a small, but typical Acetabularia mediterranea hat. If you graft a nucleated half of another species-for instance Acetabularia crenulata-in the stem of Acetabularia mediterranea before the formation of the hat, then you get hybrid hats. The purpose of the hat is the reproduction of the alga.

By late telophase this ribonucleoprotein has disappeared from the nucleus. The amount found must depend a little on whether the tissue is a dividing or a resting tissue, and on the state of the nuclei. Brachet: I have had an experience similar to that of Dr. Jacobson. There certainly are changes in the staining ability of the chromosomes during the mitotic cycle, but it is very difficult to know exactly what is happening unless one makes quantitative estimations. The shape of the chromosomes changes so much that it becomes extremely difficult to decide whether or not there is an increase of a substance.

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