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By Paul Shipton

A two-level path that demanding situations younger beginners, constructing talents in interpreting and writing in addition to listening and talking.

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There wos o womon on the street. Wo mo n : S t o n e s o u p ? ls it g o o d ? K im: Y e s , it is . lt ' s V E R Y g o o d w i t h pototoes, but I hoven't got o pototo. Wo mo n : A p o t o t o ? Wo it o m i n u t e ! Bob: Wh e re ' s s h e g o ing ? K im: To the shop. Soon the womon wos bock qt the fire. She hod some pototoes in o bog. Womon: Here ore some pototoes for the soup. Kim : Thonk gou. U nit 1 2 Lesson1 Then there wos q mon on the street. Mo n 2 : Kim: Mo n 2: Kim: Mon 2: Bob: W h o t o r e g o u mo ki n g ?

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