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By Michael Gray Baughan, Gaylord Brewer

The nice Writers sequence explores the lives of a few of the main spoke of literary figures of the prior half-century. a favourite of scholars for his poetry of uncooked angst and uprising, Bukowski revolutionised modern literature together with his anti- institution technique

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Their new landlords proved to be much more accommodating. Beyond overlooking their unmarried status (a real stigma and dealkiller in those days), Francis and Grace Crotty were also known to supply their tenants with whiskey, beer, and dented tins of food to help them through lean times. More importantly, Bukowski could type whenever he pleased without worrying about downstairs neighbors banging on the floor with their broomsticks. 38 CHARLES BUKOWSKI As with his marriage to Barbara, differences in personality, habit, and philosophy were soon causing problems in Hank and FrancEyE’s relationship.

They served liquor at the track, and that, combined with the thrill of the races and his continued winning streak, all but sealed his fate as an inveterate horse gambler. His relationship with Jane took a downswing when she began to accuse him of cheating on her and then her daughter arrived out of nowhere, pregnant and in need of care and a place to stay. Hank and Jane’s relationship had been rocky all along, with periodic cooling-off periods and heated reunions, but this time the separation was lasting.

Hank left San Francisco later that year and spent the next three years bouncing around the country in a never-ending string of odd jobs, boarding houses, drunken benders, and brief but shamefaced respites at his parents’ house. In a St. Louis basement he stuffed boxes full of ladies dresses. In New York he took another stock boy job and shivered in his West Coast clothes. In Philadelphia he worked as a shipping clerk for Fairmount Motor Products and, when that gig ended, survived by gophering for fellow lushes in a downtown bar, placing their bets with bookies, making lunchtime runs to the deli, and perpetually picking fights with a hulking barback named Frank McGilligan.

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