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This thesis provides an in-depth theoretical research of cost and spin shipping homes in advanced types of disordered graphene. It depends upon leading edge actual house computational equipment of the time-dependent spreading of digital wave packets. First a common scaling legislations of the elastic suggest loose direction as opposed to the common grain dimension is anticipated for polycrystalline morphologies, and cost mobilities of as much as 300.000 cm2/V.s are decided for 1 micron grain measurement, whereas amorphous graphene membranes are proven to act as Anderson insulators. An unheard of spin rest mechanism, particular to graphene and pushed through spin/pseudospin entanglement is then suggested within the presence of vulnerable spin-orbit interplay (gold ad-atom impurities) including the prediction of a crossover from a quantum spin corridor impact to spin corridor impact (for thallium ad-atoms), reckoning on the measure of floor ad-atom segregation and the ensuing island diameter.

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However the spin diffusion coefficient Ds ≈ 4 cm2 /s is about 80 times smaller, yielding to 70 % lower value for spin relaxation length λs . The longer τs but much smaller Ds was later explained by the influence of localized states arising from the buffer layer at the interface between the graphene and the SiC surface that couple to the spin transport channel [63]. The measurement also reported that τs is weakly influenced by the temperature with reductions of Ds by more than 40 % and τs by about 20 % at room temperature.

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Indeed, Tr δ(E − Hˆ ) Qˆ Tr δ(E − Hˆ ) ˆ i ψ iE n |δ(E − Hˆ ) Q|ψ En i,n = i,n ˆ i ψ iE n |δ(E − E n ) Q|ψ En i,n = i,n = 1 N N ψ iE n |δ(E − Hˆ )|ψ iE n ψ iE n |δ(E − E n )|ψ iE n ˆ i ψ iE | Q|ψ E i Using Eq. 33) one can rewrite Eq. 34) 0 Tr δ(E− Hˆ ) with the total density of state ρ(E) = and the velocity autocorrelation function C(E, t) = {vx (t), vx (0)} E . 38) Replacing above equation into Eq. 40) An alternative definition, in which the derivative in the Eq. 41) σ 2DC (E) = e2 ρ(E) t is frequently used, because it gives smoother curves for the conductivity than Eq.

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