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By Michio Morishima

Modern common equilibrium conception is generally short-run, separated from financial elements of the economic climate, and as such doesn't take care of long-run difficulties similar to capital accumulation, innovation, and the ancient circulation of the economic climate. those phenomena are mentioned via development concept, which being brief time period, can't take care of the elemental challenge of the way the creation functionality is derived. This booklet presents a much-needed synthesis of progress and financial concept, drawing at the paintings of Schumpeter, Keynes and the prewar neoclassical economists to formulate a capital-theoretic basic equilibrium idea.

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In this case too, however, the stability analysis has been developed in the form of 2S The course of development of my own idea may be depicted by connecting the following books: DKR (Dynamic Economics), 1950; Equilibrium, Stability and Growth, 1964. These books are followed by those listed in footnote 6 above. 20 Capital and credit stability of point, which examines whether the path converges to a particular point that is the long-run equilibrium point or the growth equilibrium. In fact, Ricardo concerned himself with the long-run equilibrium, a stationary state.

We may therefore conclude that the economy is likely to be monetarily unstable; it is always subject to a danger of inflation or deflation. Besides, it is shown that the real economy too will be unstable with respect to entrepreneurs' choice of investment projects. It is obvious that their decisions on investment will be abortive unless they are approved and 30 It is well known that motives for holding cash are analysed into income, business, precautionary and speculative motives by Keynes. These, however, do not include the investment motive for holding cash to bridge the interval between the accumulation of the firms' own funds for investment and their disbursement.

Outputs £, are expected to be produced, but actual outputs turn out to be as large as *,. Without any stochastic disturbances f j equals x,, of course, but they may differ from each other because we may always be provided with windfalls or suffer from unexpected sabotages. Capitalists have no longer any stock of commodities, all of which have been sold to the firms or the individuals. They instead have shares, while the firms own their outputs JC, which they can sell. In period 1, capitalists, the owners of commodities in period 0, become shareholders and the firms, the original buyers of the physical means of production in period 0, turn out to be either their suppliers (the capital goods industry), or the producers and hence the suppliers of consumption goods forming the consumption goods industry.

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