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By Glenda Tibe Bonifacio, Julie L. Drolet

This ebook examines immigration to small towns all through Canada. It explores the precise demanding situations led to by means of the inflow of individuals to city groups which usually have below 100,000 citizens.

The essays are equipped into 4 major sections: partnerships, assets, and capacities; identities, belonging, and social networks; health and wellbeing, politics, and variety, and Francophone minority groups. Taken jointly, they supply a entire, multi-disciplinary point of view at the modern realities of immigration to small city locations.

Readers will become aware of how varied teams of migrants, immigrants, and Francophone minorities confront systemic discrimination; how cost enterprises and enterprises advance distinct suggestions for negotiating restricted assets and embracing possibilities caused through altering demographics; and the way small towns work flat out to advance inclusive groups and reply to social exclusions.

In addition, each one essay incorporates a case learn that highlights the subject less than dialogue in a selected urban or zone, from Brandon, Manitoba to the Thompson-Nicola quarter in British Columbia, from Peterborough, Ontario to the Niagara Region.

As a supplement to metropolitan-based works on immigration in Canada, this assortment deals a massive measurement in migration stories that may be of curiosity to lecturers, researchers, in addition to policymakers and practitioners engaged on immigrant integration and settlement.

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Given a list of options to choose from, the areas in the community which could be developed further to make the community a more attractive and welcoming one include access to housing (72%), language programmes (67%), access to social services (60%), employment agencies (58%), cultural groups (54%), settlement agencies (52%) and others (34%). Interestingly, only one respondent believed that the community does not require any further development. Apart from these possible options, many respondents also pointed out other possible ways their community could benefit from more development.

Within the context of neoliberal restructuring, cutbacks in service provision impact newcomers in small cities and rural communities. Community agencies and the non-profit sector are challenged with decreasing resources to meet growing demands and needs from diverse populations. While an analysis of the complex state of the non-profit sector is beyond the scope of this chapter, it is widely recognized that these sectors—voluntary, informal, independent, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, community organizations, groups or associations, charities and other groups—are affected by neoliberalism or the tendency of governments to withdraw from its role as provider of services (Richmond and Shields 2005; Veronis 2006).

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