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And neither 1) nor 2) support a fundamental parental interest; parents have a right to be able to forge a certain kind of relationship with a child, and placing undue obstacles in the way of the establishment and development of that relationship would infringe on their right. 32 If parents believe they achieve immortality of any sort through any mechanism they are wrong. Passing on one’s genes may give one a sense of playing a role in the future of the world. But one simply receives one’s genetic material from others; it represents no achievement of one’s own.

35 We are not arguing that this happens systematically, just pointing out that a regime of availability might, in some circumstances, not be effective in delivering more genetically connected children to families than a regime of non-availability; and that even then it might still have costs for potential adoptees. Now consider two ways of influencing the weight of the reason we have offered for prohibiting cloning in given circumstances. A government might reduce the weight of the reason by reducing the pool of As Ronald Dworkin observes, most people have wanted to drive the wrong way down a one-way street when no other cars are present in their own lives, but not the freedom to use racist speech against others; yet many think that racist speech should be protected as a right, but that the government legitimately prohibits driving the wrong way, even when doing so would place no-one at risk of harm.

We shall canvass the alternative possibility — that availability of cloning and other reproductive technologies does not increase the chances that a couple will succeed in having children by non-adoptive routes — later. Let us assume for now that it does. One objection to our argument is that, in fact, the pool of potential adoptees is vanishingly small in wealthy societies. But numerous children born in developed countries are never adopted because the market in adoption favors children without disabilities.

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