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By Sarah Healy

"When the very last thing you will have is the only factor you wish, you've obtained to have a bit faith...."


"Growing up, Ellen Carlisle was once a Christian: She went to Jesus camp, downed stale Nilla Wafers at Sunday tuition, and not, ever performed with Ouija forums. Now, years later, whilst infertility prevents her from giving her bold legal professional husband a kinfolk, she reveals herself close to divorce, unemployed, and dwelling along with her right-wing, born-again Christian mom and dad in her suburban New Jersey native land. There the universities are deepest, the prior is public, and benefits are available lump sums.

Then Ellen meets a guy to whom she believes she will open her middle, and she or he starts to imagine that perhaps it's actual that every little thing occurs for a reason--until all that was once going good begins going very badly and Ellen is ultimately compelled to dig deep to discover her personal model of religion.

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Es otoño en tu nuca: sol y bruma. Bajo del verde cielo adolescente, tu cuerpo da su enamorada suma. (SB:24; OP1:27–8) (The wind drinks wind in its gusts, / moves the leaves and their green rain / dampens your shoulders, bites your back / strips and burns you, turns you to ice. / Two boats with unfurled canvas / are your breasts. Your shoulder is a torrent. / Your belly is a garden turned to stone. / The back of your neck glows in autumn rays and mists. ) 28 The Writing in the Stars The joyous associations of hope and growth afford no doubt sufficient motivation for the repeated use of the colour green here and a sufficient basis for its interpretation.

432). The various strands of symbolical and intertextual association explained here shed light on the process of the poem: the ‘green rain’ (‘lluvia verde’) is an agent of purification, reducing the feminine ‘tú’ to an elemental state of (lunar) whiteness (‘yelo’). Yet the whiteness of the moon is also a reflection of the light of the sun, the ‘fiery vigour’ of spirit moving over the ‘waters’ of increate matter. The hair of the beloved reflects this light in the ‘relámpagos y otoños en tu pelo,’ an image which harks back to the Shulamite woman’s depiction of her beloved in the biblical Song of Songs, which is also, of course, Eleazar’s original point of reference: ‘His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black The Dialogue with the Other 29 as a raven’ (chap.

Underlying the name June, though, is an archetypal river of time, flowing from the past (this is the only one of the sonnets to use the past tense rather than the present). Bajo del cielo fiel Junio corría arrastrando en sus aguas dulces fechas, ardientes horas en la luz deshechas, frutos y labios que mi sed asía. Sobre mi juventud Junio corría: golpeaban mi ser sus aguas flechas, despeñadas y obscuras en las brechas que su avidez en ráfagas abría. 30 The Writing in the Stars Ay, presuroso Junio nunca mío, invisible entre puros resplandores, mortales horas en terribles goces, ¡cómo alzabas mi ser, crecido río, en júbilos sin voz, mudos clamores, viva espada de luz entre dos voces!

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