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But, to my surprise, I heard the same words repeated a second and a third time. On awaking, I wept exceedingly, and cried, 'Ah, Lord! what am I? ' I was again assured of my call to Labrador, but felt quite resigned to the will of God as to time and circumstances. In the year 1762, I obtained leave to pay a visit in Europe, and arrived, in January 1763, in company of Br David Crantz, at Herrnhut, where I staid till 1764... February 2nd, 1764, I was dismissed, with prayer and supplication, by the Bishops and Elders of the Church, and set out on foot for Holland, whence I arrived with much difficulty in London, not understanding the English language.

In truth it would be difficult to do otherwise. I do not doubt that some might have perished in the woods, but without difficulty they could get through, and we were pretty sure that they would not find any boats, all the harbours being destroyed. In truth this journey did not appear difficult except to the French. I say to the shame of our nation that we were regarded as dead men when we started out in the autumn over the warnings of du Brouillon and Demuid, who assuredly did well to embark for Ferryland, not wishing to risk it with d'Iberville.

March as the northermost parts in Scotland; viz. the Hebrides and the Orcades wherein I have twice wintered, or the coast betwixt Hamburg & the mouth of the Sound or Nose of Norway: yet more comfortable for the length of the day in winter, which exceedeth theirs three hours at the least. And albeit it be thus cold in the winter season by accidental means, contrarie to the natural position thereof in the sphere, yet it is tolerable, as by experience, so that there needs no stoves as in Germany; likewise fruitful enough both of summer and winter corn, an example for our confirmation thereof we have in Poland one of the greatest corn countries of Europe & yet as cold and subject to freezing as Newfoundland, as also our own experience both in wheat, rye, barley, oats, and peas, which have grown and ripened there as well and as timely as in Yorkshire in England.

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