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G) 23 During the past year, have you heard or seen anything about female circumcision? 920a 24 Have your opinions about female circumcision changed during the past year? 25 What benefits do girls themselves get if they undergo this genital cutting? 26 What benefits do girls themselves get if they do not undergo this genital cutting? 27 Did you get any medical attention for the (complication)? 28 Have you talked about circumcision with your husband? 29 Where was the circumcision performed? 30 Do you know what tool was used in the circumcision?

Research into why and how FGM/C is practised among a given group or region is essential for the design of culturally appropriate, effective programmatic interventions. Detailed segregation of data by socio-economic variables can significantly enhance and strengthen advocacy efforts at the country level. Advocacy efforts are instrumental in influencing behaviour change and awareness. In many situations, however, advocacy can be severely hampered by the lack of systematic and accurate data. In the field of FGM/C, the link between advocacy efforts and accurate data is particularly strong due to the availability of such instruments as DHS and MICS.

Presser and Gita Sen, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000. Carr, Dara, Female Genital Cutting, op. , p. 27. In discussing decision-making powers as a measure of empowerment, it is important to note that it is often difficult to establish what level of control over decisions is considered to be a measure of women’s empowerment. Furthermore, in cases where decisions are made jointly, it is not clear how to measure the level of involvement of women that would constitute a satisfying measure of empowerment.

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