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They’re leaving bodies behind without blood. They’re writing messages in blood on alley walls and nightclub doors. It’s absolutely true that the vampires have gotten sloppy, but this trio of Lucifuge agents is exacerbating the situation night after night, in the pre-dawn darkness. If the time comes that other hunters try to take control, Esmerelda and the others won’t be so keen to relinquish what they feel they’ve worked for. She is amenable to a deal, though, that allows one cell to control the territory during the day while her and her friends “own” it at night.

People get hurt here all too easily—a man lost in a stirring vat of molten plastic, a gas chromatographer suddenly blown halfway through a brick wall, a foreman doing a pirouette off the top of a crane and crashing to the concrete 14 stories below. The murders aren’t as frequent anymore, but how frequent do murders need to be before somebody takes action? Once every couple of months, someone is violently killed, their body torn apart, like they were attacked by a bear or thrown into a machine and pulled out the other side.

Liabilities: To be clear, the Nightlife Circuit is a district of sin. Gorging on food and drink, seducing the innocent and not-so-innocent, showing off one’s colors and clothes and money—it’s all about the Vice. Regaining Morality is not impossible, but it’s more difficult: Morality costs new dots x 4 now. In addition, only extreme actions of Virtue allow the characters to regain lost Willpower—giving all of one’s worldly possessions away (Charity) or founding a church (Faith). Willpower regained from Vice works as normal.

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