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By Professor Hans-Dieter Rott MD (auth.), Professor Hans-Dieter Rott MD (eds.)

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50 min of exposure and that this effect is more marked in amniotic cells than in kidney lines as compared with controls. Although the effects described are adequately controlled, and the criteria and analyses are convincing and may be considered proven, this does not justify the discussed assumptions that mechanical shaking or, for that matter, thermal factors have been demonstrated to be absent. Unfortunately, previous in vitro studies have not always been reproducible in vivo nor have they always correlated, and it would be wise to confine the conclusions to the well-designed in vitro situation.

One small myelomeningocele was overlooked. The study did not attempt to draw any conclusions concerning adverse effects. The two studies from Norway produce different results as regards the effectiveness of routine screening. Screening is shown to be of value in regions in which good equipment and experienced personnel are available, while it may well be of no benefit in places where either of these are lacking. Evaluation of routine screening will require the use of larger numbers of subjects, and should include the detection of malformations as well as the factors considered in this publication and in that of Bakketeig et aI.

SCE is an indication for a specific change in the DNA, but the true biological effect is unknown. Bmo, September 1983. 54 A cumulative effect of ultrasound and X-rays is discussed. It CQuld be possible that ultrasound adds to the mutagenic effect of X-rays. 02 W/ cm2, a decrease in the number of chromosome aberrations was found in relation to the results when X-rays were applied alone. Systematic examination of these conditions are not yet available. After reviewing the literature concerning harmful effects of diagnostic ultrasound, the author concludes that its use does not involve any risk, or if a harmful effect exists, it poses only a minimal risk.

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