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K +· PQ + o2 PQ+# + 02· l 2+ >PQ ^ PQ2+ + o2· + 022 These results do not yet distinguish between 0 2 · or 0 2 2" (or possibly their protonated adducts H 0 2 , H o 0 o) a s ^ β important toxic product produced by paraquat (3). Nevertheless, the high rates of reaction of PQ + * with 0 2 require care in the design and interpretation of electron transfer reactions of paraquat and its cation radical. The kinetics and mechanisms of reactions of paraquat and diquat cation radicals with molecular oxygen have recently been investigated, utilizing flow electron spin resonance techniques (31).

H. Perkin II, 859 (1976). 32. , and Hayon, E. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. (1975). 33. M. in Free Radicals in Biology, Vol. II, Ed. B. Pryor, Academic Press, New York, 1976. , 97, 2986 Discussion FISHER: Earlier on in the talk you showed us a slide that indicated the action on paraquat of alcohols in alkali. You showed us that the methyl group from paraquat is displaced. Could this reaction occur in biological systems and could this kind of reaction cause methyl exchange in those experiments where ^-4C-methy 1-labelled paraquat has been administered to animals?

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