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Moreover, drugs that inhibit polyamine or RNA synthesis, such as methylglyoxal bis(guanylhydrazone), cause a decrease in the acetylation of the cardiac histones. , 1975). 5 hours (Brown, 1975); both nucleoplasmic and nucleolar RNA synthesis are increased. Similar doses of LSD increase acetylation of the histones in rabbit cerebral hemispheres and midbrain within 30 minutes. No changes in RNA synthesis or in histone acetylation were detected in the cerebellum of the same animals (Brown and Liew, 1975).

G. T. , 1974). The kinetics of radioactive acetate uptake into the histones after the addition of PHA are particularly suggestive. Within a few minutes, the "arginine-rich" histones, H3 and H4, show a major increase in their rates of [14C]acetate incorporation. There is no concomitant increase in the rate of histone synthesis at these early times, and the acetylation is internal, not NH 2 -terminal. The comparative kinetics of change in RNA synthesis and histone acetylation indicate characteristic and suggestive differences in the time courses of the two processes.

Each of these subfractions may then, in addition, differ with regard to other forms of substitution, such as phosphorylation or methylation. [Microheterogeneity in histone sequences, as observed in histone H3, for example (Patthy and Smith, 1975; Marzluff et al, 1972), adds additional complexity. ] 5. H2B Histone H2B has multiple sites of internal acetylation; e-N-acetyllysine may occur at positions 5, 10, 13, and 18 of the polypeptide chain (Candido and Dixon, 1972b; Dixon et al, 1975) (Fig. 3).

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