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Ovicaprid bones from ostensibly Neolithic contexts at Barshalder have given two radiocarbon dates, both in the Late Iron Age, but there are numerous Neolithic dates for ovicaprids from other sites on Gotland (Rundkvist et al. ). The large number of ovicaprid bones identified in the graves under study and the uniquely high percentage (50%) of unburnt ovicaprid individuals in cremation graves indicate a Migration Period custom where mutton was commonly placed in the graves, either placed on the pyre or buried fresh along with the cremated remains.

Independent support for this posited improvement in female status is found in the picture stones of the time, where only men were depicted in the Migration Period, whereas in the Vendel and Early Viking Periods women were also commonly depicted (Göransson 1999:71-72). The picture-stones, however, depict no armed women like those on a contemporary tapestry fragment from the Oseberg ship-burial (Göransson 1999:145). Göransson’s attractive hypothesis (1999:129) that the stone-carvers may have been men while the tapestry-makers were almost certainly women offers an explanation for this fact.

Table 3j. Vendel Period female gender attributes. Vendel Period gender-neutral attributes. A bbrev. A t t ribut e n of graves in V EN BA SE A bbrev. Bronze bra ctea te, Montelius 1 8 6 9 type E 5 bra cbr Gla ss v essel 8 gla ss Tweezers 3 tweezers Bea d n=1 7 bea d1 O penwork disc (VZ G 9 7 7 -9 8 2 , 1 4 5 1 -1 4 6 2 , 1 8 8 0 -1 8 8 2 ) 2 opendisc Bea ds n=2 2 bea d2 Fish-hea d penda nt 11 pendfh Single stra p buck le 7 smbuck le Bronze cha in 9 cha inbr Stra p loop mount 2 smloop Bronze cha in holder 3 cha inhld Stra p end mount 5 smend Ar m ring 4 a r mring Knife 28 k nife Bird mount (VZ G 1 9 1 -2 0 6 ) 2 bird Ga ming piece n=1 4 ga ming1 Disc-on-bow brooch 9 bdob Ga ming pieces n>1 9 ga ming2 - Utensil brooch 5 butensil Comb 33 comb Disc brooch 2 bdisc Ha ndle comb 2 combhndl Round openwork brooch (VZ G 1 0 0 , 9 0 3 -9 1 3 ) Arrowhea d 7 a rrow 2 bopen Composite bronze & iron riv et 5 riv comp Pa ir brooch (proto-a nima l-hea d, duck bill, sma ll equa l-a r med) 12 bpa ir Iron joint riv et 4 riv joini Iron riv et 29 riv iron Ke y 10 k ey Na il 8 na il Dress pin 13 dpin Bronze or silv er sheet spa ngle 12 spa ngle Spira l bea d 2 bea dspir Bronze sheet v essel 8 v esbrsh Bea ds n>2 , tra nsgressed 18 bea d3 - Bea r pha la nx 15 pha la nx Pot, tra nsgressed , p rob a b l y a ctua l l y gend erneutra l 9 pot Fossil 6 fossil Whorl 3 whorl Table 3l.

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