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By Franco Fiordelisi, Ornella Ricci (eds.)

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The joint venture company pays distribution commissions to the bank that also benefits from dividends. These alliances can reach significant synergies concerning know-how, human capital, cross-selling and scope economies, but it is necessary that the two partners share the same strategy and the same engagement in resources. In addition to this, some problems may arise because of the cannibalization of the traditional insurer distribution channels and because of the tendency of the bank to capture the majority of the value.

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We move on to analyze the index-linked policies that are connected to a share index or to a basket of indexes. The mechanism through which the policy is linked to a share index is an option. Insurance undertakings and bancassurers often combine a zero coupon bond with a plain vanilla option or with an exotic option (floor, cap, knock-in, and knock-out are the most common types). 2 is a plain vanilla option. 2 Index-linked policy name of product: Programma Garantito Terra bancassurer: PosteVita premium: a lump sum equal to at least a1,500 maturity: seven years (from 2010 until 2017) reference entity: Dow Jones EURO STOXX50 investment strategy: the performance of the contract depends on the Dow Jones EURO STOXX50.

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