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A sick joke? The child's voice. Bad love. I knew I'd heard the phrase before. I repeated it out loud, trying to trigger a memory. But the words just hovered, chattering like bats. A psychological phrase? Something out of a textbook? It did have a psychoanalytic ring. Why had the tape been sent to me? Stupid question. I'd never been able to answer it for anyone else. Bad love. most likely something orthodox Freudian. Melanie Klein had theorized about good breasts and bad breastsperhaps there was someone out there with a sick sense of humor and a side interest in neoFreudian theory.

Her blue tennis shoes were speckled with bleach spots. Her hair was short and wavy, corn colored above dark roots. Earring slits creased her lobes but she wore no jewelry. Behind bifocals, her eyes continued to reject mine. She patted Chondra's head, and the girl pressed her face against a thick, soft arm. Tiffani had walked into the living room and was staring at a picture on the wall, tapping one foot fast. " She raised a forearm and glanced at a toosmall wristwatch. " She frowned. "Okay. " "Outside the house?

If he puts in another claim, the kids can be reevaluated and we'll kibosh it again. Time's on their side, right? " He picked at his tie. "What can I tell you, Alex? I don't want to see these kids screwed up, either. " "It's possible. You should see some of the opinions your colleagues render. " "Okay," I said. "But I want to do a real evaluation, not some rubber stamp. " "Therapy? Why not? Sure, do whatever you want. You are now shrink of record. " "I wouldn't worry about it, Alex. " The girls arrived right on time, just as they had last week, linked, like suitcases, to the arms of their grandmother.

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