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By Caroline Taggart

Don't understand Midas from Oedipus? Wouldn't realize a concerto from a sonata? many people want that shall we fill within the gaps in our schooling in an effort to stay away from these embarrassing events once we think as though we don't recognize issues that others do. In again to fundamentals, bestselling writer Caroline Taggart will supply readers with the chance to benefit a good suggestion stuff that used to be by no means taught in mainstream schooling, whereas additionally giving a refresher direction at the major staples. From brushing up on Bible tales and classical structure, to picking out sorts of clouds, your thirst for wisdom can be sated and your schooling entire - and it's huge, immense enjoyable in addition!

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In 1992-93 the policy was further considered and updated by: Co-ordinator of curriculum enrichment; Deputy head; Head of year. In recent years, the governor with a special interest in health education (including sex education), has been ~. 27 Curriculum summary Year 7 The topic of ‘human reproduction’ is covered in science lessons and is taught by the science teachers. A useful resource here is the video “Fertilization”. During a science lesson or a CE lesson, a trained nurse visits the students.

Yours sincerely, Dr. David Regis RESEARCHER Mrs. Di Bish RESEARCHER 1 AVERT is the AIDS Education & Research Trust. 39 School: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ✓ as appropriate £ Our school does not have a written sex education policy or programme. £ I enclose a copy of the school’s sex education policy. £ I enclose a copy of the school’s sex education programme. £ I enclose a completed questionnaire on sex education in our school. £ I would be prepared to take part in a short telephone interview on sex education in our school.

Any other comments on your programme? ..................................................................................... 45 Personal, social and health education DfEE proposals for non-statutory PSHE programme guidelines, May 1999 Ages 11 to 14 Pupils will learn: • • • how to plan for realistic choices for study at age 14; • about human reproduction, contraception, HIV and sexually transmitted infections and high risk behaviours; • • • to practice ways of resisting pressure which threatens their own safety and well-being; • • some basic interpersonal relationships skills; how to become competent at managing personal money; the basic facts and laws on illegal substances and the risks associated with misusing prescribed drugs; about basic emergency aid procedures and where to get help; about the effects of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping and how to challenge them assertively; and about the roles and responsibilities of parents.

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