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By Bertha F. Kramer

Домашняя кондитерская тети Бабетт (1893)

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ALMOND CARAMELS. Set a cupful of sugar on to boil, without As soon as the sugar is melted throw in a cupful of almonds, not blanched. water. 32 HOME CONFECTIONERY. Remove from the fire at once. Take up each almond separately and lay on waxed or buttered paper. NUT CREAMS. Mix in chopped nuts of any kind with the French cream (see receipt for French creams) and form into balls or other fancy You may color them with any kind shapes. of fruit coloring and give any desired flavoring. The'n roll them in melted chocolate or coffee cream.

Pour out the mixture on flat dishes to cool, and as soon as it begins to "set" which is very soon, cut it into little blocks. TUTTI-FRUTTI CANDY. Chop seeded raisins, citron, figs and a few candied cherries. Put two cupfuls of granulated sugar and half a cupful of boiling water and boil hard Take from the stove, pour a bowl, flavor and stir rapidly with a into a brass or porcelain kettle for ten minutes. into spoon until it looks like cream. Add the chopped fruit and stir a while longer. Press thin on buttered tins, cut into squares and wrap in waxed papers.

Piece of butter the size of an egg. a Let this boil steadily in a porcelain lined kettle. In the meantime grate a heaping cupful of best chocolate, add it to the boiling candy but not before it has attained the right consistency by dropping some from the spoon into cold water, if done it will harden immediately, if not let it boil until it is). Let it boil ( try it briskly; it will have the consistency of cake and thread from the spoon when sufficiently boiled. Try again in cold water; if it hardens put in the grated chocolate and let it boil again for two minutes.

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