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43 Eastern Equine Encephalitis Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus was first isolated in Canada in 1938 from the blood of a horse at St. George, Ontario (Schofield and Labzoffsky, 1938). Other isolations of EEE virus have been made in Canada from the blood of a migrating junco captured at Long Point, Ontario in 1961 (Karstad, 1965), from two snowshoe hares captured in central Alberta in 1962 (Yuill et a l . , 1969), and from horse brain in the Eastern Townships of Quebec in 1972 (Bellavance et a l .

1970, 1971b). Harvey Artsob and Leslie Spence 50 L. , 1973). Six isolates were obtained in 1971 and one isolate in 1972. , 1976b). M. Bauline Bauline (BAU) virus is another Kemerovo group arbovirus that was isolated from I. uriae ticks collected from a puffin (F. , 1973). Six isolations of BAU virus were achieved including one isolate in 1971 and five isolates in 1972. , 1976b). Ν. Avalon A Sakhalin group arbovirus, Avalon (AVA) virus, was isolated from three lots of J. uriae ticks and from the blood of a Herring Gull Larus argentatus chick collected in a common puffin F.

D. (1963). Am. J. Hyg. 78, 123-129. Ritter, D. , and Feltz, E. (1974). Can. J. Microbiol. 20, 1359-1366. Roberts, F. H. S. (1970). " Commonwealth Sei. and Industrial Res. , Melbourne, Australia. Thomas, L. , Flifford, C. , Yunker, C. , Keirans, J. , Patzer, E. , Monk, G. , and Easton, E. R. (1973). J. Med. Entomol. 10, 165-168. Timopheeva, Α. , Lvov, D. , Pogrebenko, A. , and Gromashevsky, V. L. (1974). Zool. J. 53, 906-911. 38 D. K. Lvov, et al. Votyakov, V. , Voinov, I. , Samoylova, T. , Leshko, S.

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