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By Robert S. Wistrich

With its origins in a convention prepared by means of the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London, this publication asks if a standard denominator are available among the anti-Semitism that has existed during the a long time and extra modern varieties of anti-Zionism.

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26 In his series, Korneev changed the year of the dynamiting of the King David Hotel by the Irgun from 1946 to 1944 - thus showing the Irgun as fighting on the side of the Nazis, rather than portraying the act as anti-imperialist. He also invented a new character, a Palestinian Zionist known as 'Moishe the Redhead', who supposedly was chief of Hitler's espionage services in the late 1930s. A radio interview with Korneev, broadcast both in Russian and in English for audiences abroad, recited the now-familiar litany of how Jewish bankers financed Hitler, and of Zionist guilt for the deaths of European Jews.

University of Illinois Press, 1974) and Robert S. ) The Left Against Zion (London: Frank Cass, 1979). For documentation and analysis of this period, see Yehoshua Gilboa, The Black Years of Soviet Jewry (Boston: Little, Brown, 1971). Pinkus, p. 240. Ibid. 2 Soviet Anti-Zionism: Origins, Forms and Development Theodore H. Friedgut The violent antipathy to all aspects of Zionism expressed in the Soviet media over many years has deep historical roots and numerous motivations. Opposition to Zionism originated before the Bolshevik revolution and has been a relative constant throughout all periods of Soviet history.

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