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7 4 . Arctic: Middle and Upper Jurassic 1963: A m m o n i t e faunas of the upper Middle Jurassic beds of the Fernie G r o u p in western Canada; Geol. Surv. , Bull. 9 3 . Hyatt, A . 1900: C e p h a l o p o d a : in Zittel, K. A . : T e x t b o o k of P a l a e o n t o l o g y . Imlay, R. W. S. Geol. , Prof. Paper 2 1 4 - B , p p . 13-33. S. Geol. , Prof. Paper 2 4 9 - B . S. Geol. , Prof. Paper 3 7 4 - C . Jeletzky, J. A . 1958: 26 U p p e r m o s t Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks of A k l a v i k R a n g e , Richardson M o u n t a i n s , N .

O. Gronland, vol. 87, N o . 7, K o b e n h a v n . Sowerby, J. 1814: Mineral C o n c h o l o g y of Great Britain; L o n d o n . Tozer, E. T. 1960: S u m m a r y account of M e s o z o i c and Tertiary stratigraphy, A r c h i p e l a g o ; Geol. Surv. , P a p e r 60-5. Canadian Arctic V o r o n e t s , N . S. 1962: Stratigraphy and c e p h a l o p o d m o l l u s c s of the Jurassic and L o w e r Cretaceous deposits of the L e n a A n a b a r R e g i o n ; Trans. Sci. Res. , Arctic G e o l o g y , Ministry of G e o l .

Cadoceras barnstoni ( M e e k ) ( P a g e 1 4 ) . V e n t e r and cross-section. H o l o t y p e , G S C N o . 4 8 1 1 . Callovian. West of Mackenzie River. See lateral view o n P I . X I I , fig. 2. PLATE IX ( A l l figures natural s i z e ) Types in collections of the G e o l o g i c a l Survey of C a n a d a Figure 1. Cadoceras septentrionale wax. latidorsata n. sp. n. var. ( P a g e 8 ) . Cross-section. G S C N o . 1 7 6 5 6 . C a l l o v i a n . A k l a v i k Range. G S C loc. 2 7 0 0 3 . See lateral v i e w o n P I .

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