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By Craig Waddell

Craig Waddell offers essays investigating Rachel Carson’s influential 1962 booklet, Silent Spring. In his foreword, Paul Brooks, Carson’s editor at Houghton Mifflin, describes the method that led to Silent Spring. In an afterword, Linda Lear, Carson’s contemporary biographer, recollects the top of Carson’s existence and descriptions the eye that Carson’s publication and Carson herself got from students and biographers, realization that concentrated so minutely on her existence that it detracted from a spotlight on her paintings. The foreword via Brooks and the afterword by way of Lear body this exploration in the context of Carson’s lifestyles and work. Contributors are Edward P. J. Corbett, Carol B, Gartner, Cheryll Glotfelty, Randy Harris,  M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Linda Lear, Ralph H. Lutts, Christine Oravec, Jacqueline S. Palmer, Markus J. Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson, and Craig Waddell. jointly, those essays discover Silent Spring’s effectiveness in conveying its aggravating message and the rhetorical options that helped create its huge impact.  

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Her early life gives a clue to the answer. Thanks to her mother, Rachel grew up with a deep appreciation of the beauty and mystery of the natural world. " And from earliest childhood, she assumed that she was going to be a writer. Beginning at age ten, she wrote stories and essays for St. Nicholas magazine. Her dedication to writing continued through high school and on into college, where she started out as an English major but later, thanks to a brilliant teacher, became fascinated with zoology and changed to that field.

In his introduction to the 1994 edition of Silent Spring, Vice President Al Gore notes that "in 1992, a panel of distinguished Americans selected Silent Spring as the most influential book of the last fifty years" (xviii). Continued interest in Silent Spring is also suggested by the growth of the Rachel Carson Council, whose newsletter is distributed to more than seven thousand members; by the 1993 PBS documentary "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring"; by Martha Freeman's 1995 publication of Always, Rachel: The Letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman; by the 1996 publication of Branda Page 3 Miller's CD-ROM Witness to the Future: A Call for Environmental Action, which includes the first electronic version of Silent Spring; and by Linda Lear's 1997 biography Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature.

In the early decades of their use, these toxic chemicals could sometimes be found as visible coatings on farm produce in retail markets. Over the years, stories of acute poisonings and warnings of the dangers of chronic toxicity appeared in the press. Everyone was warned to scrub or peel fruits and vegetables before they were eaten. Many public-health officials attempted to institute strong regulations and strict residue tolerances, but the general public, medical profession, and agriculture industry showed only limited concern (Whorton 178; Whitaker 378; United States, Environmental Hazards 13).

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