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By Christina Schaffner

This quantity offers with political speeches, rather commemorative addresses, from the viewpoint of serious discourse research. Such addresses are characterised as consultant and epideictic, as exemplified through an tackle fo the Dutch Queen Beatrix to the Knesset in the course of her 1995 nation stopover at to Israel. severe attention is given to the position of rhetoric inside of political discourse anlysis.

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Whenever, for instance, the number of Dutch voters decreases, the media present this as yet another crisis in politics, related time and again to the disappointing quality of political speeches in particular and to politicians' meaningless or incomprehensible language in general. Mono-/duotextuality vs. intertextuality According to classical rhetoric, two sources of word and phrase choice influence public political speeches: texts created by opponents in a debate as opposed to certain typical, exemplary, often literary, 'standardised' texts.

1996) Keeping your footing: Conversational completion in three-part sentences. Journal of Pragmatics 25, 151-71. Atkinson, M. (1984) Our Masters' Voices. London/New York: Methuen. Berger, P. and Luckmann, T. (1966) The Social Construction of Reality. Garden City, NY: Doubleday. G. (1986) Fantasy theme analysis of presidential debates. In T. Ensink, A. van Essen and T. van der Geest (eds) Discourse Analysis and Public Life. Papers of the Groningen Conference on Medical and Political Discourse (pp.

Lausberg, 1960); • successful persuasiveness; • structural dialogicity. Although certain political speechesincluding addresses delivered by a head of statecould be analysed partly according to these three dimensions, the criteria do not appear adequate in modern democratic, constitutional circum- < previous page page_35 next page > < previous page page_36 next page > Page 36 stances. More sophisticated situational factors have made the context of political speeches and their analyses increasingly complex so that a more broadened approach ought to be developed.

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