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By Konrad Schöbel

Konrad Schöbel goals to put the principles for a consequent algebraic geometric therapy of variable Separation, that's one of many oldest and strongest tips on how to build special suggestions for the elemental equations in classical and quantum physics. the current paintings unearths a stunning algebraic geometric constitution at the back of the recognized checklist of separation coordinates, bringing jointly a very good variety of arithmetic and mathematical physics, from the past due nineteenth century idea of separation of variables to fashionable moduli house thought, Stasheff polytopes and operads.

"I am relatively inspired by way of his mastery of quite a few recommendations and his skill to teach in actual fact how they have interaction to provide his results.” (Jim Stasheff)

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Subriemannian geometries, often referred to as Carnot-Caratheodory geometries, will be seen as limits of Riemannian geometries. in addition they come up in actual phenomenon regarding ""geometric phases"" or holonomy. Very approximately talking, a subriemannian geometry includes a manifold endowed with a distribution (meaning a $k$-plane box, or subbundle of the tangent bundle), known as horizontal including an internal product on that distribution.

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Renaming, lowering and rising indices appropriately finally results in j j i ¯αβγ = g¯ij S i N a 2 b 1 b 2 S c 2 d 1 d 2 + S c2 b 1 b 2 S d 1 a 2 d 2 xb1 xb2 xd1 ∇α xa2 ∇β xc2 ∇γ xd2 . 3) and transform them into purely algebraic integrability conditions. 1 Young tableaux Throughout this chapter we will use Young tableaux as a compact means for index manipulations on tensors with many indices. The reader not familiar with this formalism may as well simply consider them as an alternative notation for symmetrisation and antisymmetrisation operators.

Hence we can replace a Young tableau acting on upper indices in a contraction by its dual acting on the corresponding lower indices. Consequently, the previous equation is equivalent to ⎛⎛ ⎞ ⎞ ⎝⎝ b 2 b1 d 1 c2 d2 a2 + c 2 b2 b1 d 1 d2 a2 ⎠ g¯ij S ia 2 b1 b2 S jc2 d1 d2 ⎠ xb1 xb2 xd1 u[a2 v c2 wd2 ] = 0. 14) vanishes identically. 7. 17) S ia1 b1 b2 + S ib1 b2 a1 + S ib2 a1 b1 = 0 in b1 , b2 : b1 b2 S ia2 b1 b2 = −2 b1 b2 S ib1 b2 a2 . 18) We refer to this identity as symmetrised Bianchi identity.

It would be too much to hope for the quotient space I(S3 )/O(4) to be an algebraic variety. We will instead prove a result which is only slightly weaker: the existence of a slice for the isometry group action on I(S3 ). By a slice we mean here a linear section which meets every orbit in a finite number of points. This slice will be the space of algebraic curvature tensors that are diagonal in the following sense. 12. 6b), we can interpret an algebraic curvature tensor R on V as a symmetric bilinear form on Λ2 V .

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