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Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used to be born right into a relatives of strict piety and average poverty. As a serious-minded spiritual scholar, he quickly stuck the attention of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Upon Khomeini's loss of life, Khamenei was once named his successor and have become the Grand Ayatollah of Iran. This biography tells his tale.

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He was the second son of devout parents. Both his parents were Azeri (or Azerbaijanis), an ethnic group that is generally Muslim and is a mixture of Turkic, Caucasian (from the Caucuses), and Iranian bloodlines and traditions. His father, Sayyed Javad Khamenei, was a humble but well-respected religious scholar who was honored with the responsibility of leading morning, midday, and evening prayers at two of Mashhad’s mosques. Sayyed Javad Khamenei lived a simple life characterized by self-denial and a rejection of worldly goods and luxuries.

Nevertheless, my mother would try to scrape something up, and that dinner would be bread and raisins. . My father’s house—the one that I was born in and lived in until the age of about four or five—was about a sixty to seventy square meter home located in the poor ali khamenei’s youth and early education Above, evening prayers are held at the Shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest destinations for Shiite Muslims. Every year millions of Shiite Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mashhad, which happens to be Ali Khamenei’s birthplace.

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