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By P. R. Masani (auth.), Chandrajit L. Bajaj (eds.)

Algebraic Geometry and its Applications might be of curiosity not just to mathematicians but additionally to desktop scientists engaged on visualization and similar subject matters. The booklet is predicated on 32 invited papers provided at a convention in honor of Shreeram Abhyankar's sixtieth birthday, which was once held in June 1990 at Purdue college and attended via many popular mathematicians (field medalists), computing device scientists and engineers. The keynote paper is via G. Birkhoff; different participants contain such major names in algebraic geometry as R. Hartshorne, J. Heintz, J.I. Igusa, D. Lazard, D. Mumford, and J.-P. Serre.

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Such students most often hail from poor families, and are in dire need of financial aid. It is annoying to find the Foundation not seeking the advice of competent people .... Unfortunately Americans here usually come into contact with only wealthy Indians, who themselves have very hazy ideas about science and research. 4 Conclusion This account of post-Ramanujan developments in Indian mathematics is colored by the nature of the occasion we are celebrating. The omissions are too numerous to list.

V. Furi, President of India, Popular Prakhashan, Bombay, 1974. , An Introduction to the Study of Indian History, Popular Prakhashan, Bombay, 1956. , The Culture and Civilization of Ancient India, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1970. , The basis of mathematical miseducation in the Indian universities, Amer. Math. Monthly, 71, 1964, pp. 671-676. , Norbert Wiener: The continuation of the tradition of Leibniz, Vico and Peirce, paper read at the Charles S. Peirce Sesquicentennial Congress, Harvard University, September 5-10, 1989, to appear.

All in all, this paper may be regarded as a huge exercise in the high-school art of factoring polynomials. But the high-school is to be mixed with a goodly dose of things like valuations of algebraic function fields from college algebra, and resolution of singularities of plane curves from 1 In the same vein, resolution of singularities of plane curves by quadratic transformations is an implicit version of Newton-Puiseux expansion. 2Unpublished. 3CT = the Classification Theorem of finite simple groups.

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