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By Alfred W. Lawson

Пятый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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VIII, plane, an H. and an M. Farman biplane. in the regulations governing the issue of the came out for the first time on February 21st. In Norway there are a German (jrade monoFrench military or "superior" pilot's certificate It is to be stationed at Treves. owner, a plane (private Rumpler-Dove seamark, ; AIRCRAFT April, IQ14 l)Iane (the owner), ai__ a Bleriot vy), a Frenc:li Deperdussin (private possession of the navy and army several and M. Farman bi- in . H and . ^'Yn 'Sweden, two Blerilots (private owners), three H.

Wings set at no dihedral angle, or chines with the would effect not be angle, this ex the an extension set at a negative with back-sloped wings, tension will produce a downward pressure which particularly dangerous since a modest amount only a slight one, as in the Blcriots, are more diminishes the pressure on the planes but moves of lift is still produced and the machine, should practical than the opposite. that operates automatically, while inherent stability is naturally stable on account of the form, shape or practise of design employed in the construction.

Tisans of the contest are flights. On his return trip, which he covthinks the project worthy )f the country which bition 20 minutes, he had a close prod ed the Wright broth 5 and is now planning ered in 1 hour and call when his engine stalled while he was executing triumph 11 Instead of landing and not spirals above the bay. , having the anglethe water. \nother valuabl ' Philadelphia banquet February the ot uKhlv out th' race a way America, by way and show up beautifully. nd Nationale who ganizer races, April, 19 1 It is reported that the Parseval Airship Co.

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