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Not appreciably different from the average stiffness arising from muscle mechanical properties in the absence of reflex actions, one would conclude that stiffness, or its inverse, compliance, is the regulated property of the motor servo. In this way, the autogenetic reflex motor servo provides the local, reflex feedback loops for individual muscular contractions. A voluntary contraction force F of human skeletal muscle is reflexly excited (positive feedback +F −1 ) by the responses of its spindle receptors to stretch and is reflexly inhibited (negative feedback −F −1 ) by the responses of its Golgi tendon organs to contraction.

Analysis & Math. Modelling 6 (1991), 515–534. [23] Yu. N. Skiba, Rossby-Haurwitz Wave Stability. Izvestiya, Atmos. Ocean. Physics 28 (1992), 388–394. [24] Yu. N. Skiba, Nonlinear and linear instability of the Rossby-Haurwitz wave. Journal of Mathematical Sciences 149 (2008), 1708–1725. [25] Yu. N. Skiba, On the normal mode instability of harmonic waves on a sphere. Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dynamics 92 (2000), 115–127. [26] G. Wolansky, M. Ghil, Nonlinear stability for saddle solutions of ideal flows and symmetry breaking.

The autogenetic circuits +F −1 and −F −1 appear to function as servoregulatory loops that convey continuously graded amounts of excitation and inhibition to the large (alpha) skeletomotor neurons. Small (gamma) fusimotor neurons innervate the contractile poles of muscle spindles and function to modulate spindle–receptor discharge. 3. 1. Cerebellum: The Adaptive Path–Integral Comparator Cerebellum as a Neural Controller Having, thus, defined the spinal reflex control level, we proceed to model the top subcortical commander/controller, the cerebellum (see Appendix).

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