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A novelization of the impending characteristic movie sequel takes readers once more into the lives of the creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and altogether ooky Addams kin. motion picture tie-in.

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Fester pushed open the door. Gomez was seated at his desk, signing papers. At the same time, he was throwing darts with his free hand at a target Lurch was holding. Lurch looked very nervous, and with good reason— Gomez wasn't watching where he was throwing the darts. Every time he released a dart, it was up to Lurch to move the target so that the dart scored a bull's-eye. " Fester cried. " Gomez asked. " Fester said. "Debbie, Debbie, Debbie! Even the sound of her name. Debbie. . Isn't it beautiful?

So the next night he came back again to the cabin. And this time he said to the campers, 'None of you really believe in me. ' And then the next morning, when the campers woke up—all of their old noses had grown back," Wednesday said. " The entire bunk shrieked in real terror. Chapter 12 A few nights later at the Addams mansion the sound of running water could be heard in an upstairs bathroom. " Fester shouted. " Gomez insisted. There was a thud, a crash, and a great splash of water. " Fester screamed.

Fester repeated, surprised. " "That's what I think," said Wednesday. "Well, then, maybe it's for the best," Fester said. "She's very wise. " "And blond," Wednesday added. " Pugsley asked. "No, no ... well... No! I don't like her. Well, maybe a little. Oh, she's nice... for a nanny. " "Get a grip, Uncle Fester," Wednesday said derisively. " their father called. "Oh, darn," Pugsley muttered. "Yes, they're over here, Gomez," Uncle Fester said. " "Gee, thanks, Uncle Fester," Wednesday said angrily.

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