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By Paul J. Feltovich, Robert R. Hoffman, Paul Ward, Lia DiBello, Stephen M. Fiore, Dee H. Andrews

Pace in buying the information and talents to accomplish initiatives is essential. but, it nonetheless normally takes decades to accomplish excessive talent in numerous jobs and professions, in executive, company, undefined, and in the course of the deepest region. There will be nice benefits if regimens of teaching will be demonstrated that may speed up the fulfillment of excessive degrees of talent. This ebook discusses the build of speeded up studying. It incorporates a evaluation of the learn literature on studying acquisition and retention, concentrate on setting up what works, and why. This comprises numerous demonstrations of speeded up studying, with particular rules, plans and roadmaps for doing so. The impetus for the e-book was once a tasking from the safety technological know-how and expertise Advisory workforce, that's the pinnacle point technological know-how and know-how policy-making panel within the division of security. although, the booklet makes use of either army and non-military exemplar case studies.

It is probably going that tools for acceleration will leverage applied sciences and services together with digital education, cross-training, education throughout strategic and tactical degrees, and coaching for resilience and adaptivity.

This quantity presents a wealth of knowledge and counsel for these drawn to the idea that or phenomenon of "accelerating learning" in schooling, education, psychology, academia typically, executive, army, or undefined.

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