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It appeared unusual to Serena Lightfoot that each time she such a lot wanted support, orthopaedic health professional Mr. Ivo van Doelen consistently appeared to have an answer. while he put in her at his previous nanny's domestic in Chelsea, Serena knew she could not remain lengthy, for she used to be at risk of wasting her center to him. yet Ivo knew what he wanted--he easily wanted area to permit Serena to get to understand him, and a wedding among buddies could provide him that point. Now all he needed to do was once convince Serena to just accept his handy proposal....

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And, of course, if you got up and had a walk that would give you an appetite. " She gave him a kindly smile; he was an old tyrant, greedy and selfish, but her mother had asked her to look after him. Besides, she felt sorry for him, for he was missing so much from life. "I'm going out for a walk," she told him. " "A walk? " "Well, when I go to the shops you're alone, aren't you? " She reached the door. "I'll be back for coffee," she told him. She fetched a jacket--an elderly garment she kept for gardening--found stout shoes, put a handful of biscuits into a pocket and left the house.

He said seriously, "No, I can't say that I have. What would be the point, my dear? " "So when you buy me a present at Christmas you think first, Now, what can I buy Serena that she can find useful and use each day? " He refused to get annoyed. He gave her an indulgent smile. "I think you must be exaggerating, Serena. How about a cup of tea? " So she fetched the tea, and he told her of his week's work while he drank it and ate several slices of the cake she had baked. Since she had little to say, and that was sensible, he reflected that despite her lack of looks she would be a quite suitable wife for him; he didn't allow himself to dwell on the house and the comfortable inheritance she would have, and which would make her even more suitable.

Just as unwillingly she was welcomed there. There was room enough for her, for Henry lived in a large house on the outskirts of the town, but, while he wasn't slow to confide his generosity towards his sister to his colleagues, his wife made no bones in letting Serena see that she was a necessary evil. It was bad enough having her, her sister-in-law pointed out in the privacy of their bedroom, but to have to give house room to a cat as well. As for Serena, she redoubled her efforts to find some sort of job.

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