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Aeons and aeons ago, before we ever knew planet Earth existed, we roamed the universe as a communal group of souls in spirit form, free to do as we please. Our "bodies" were similar to what we have today, but much lighter in nature and makeup. Being less dense and of a higher vibration, we didn't have to eat, sleep, die, or concern ourselves with other challenges of physical survival. Most importantly, we were certain of our oneness with All That Is. As spirit forms, we set out to experience and feel what had been created as we played among the stars.

And through infinite wisdom, God also knew that our souls would always define who we really are. The plan was finally done. All That Is knew the time had come. That point when the process of divine contemplation and imagination had reached completion, and It was moved to create. Our souls danced with joy and expectation. 31 God gathered Its precious plan and the Father/Mother Principle into a single, incomprehensible thought. A sacred singularity that was perfect and complete in every way. Then, in a way beyond description, in one instantaneous, explosive burst of Its almighty will the vast silence was broken with the first sound ever created.

Where else could it come from? At that moment all there was … was All That Is. It would seem that such a particle, in some special way, also had to have an awareness of itself, a sense of its own existence. If it was going to be an extension of the divine mind, would it not have some consciousness of its own? Would it not contain a part of the Original Consciousness from which it came, and always be aware of its eternal oneness with its Source? And if an awareness did not exist between the particle and its Creator how could one possibly know and appreciate the other?

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