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By C. Rüchardt, Steric Effects, L. Birkofer, O. Stuhl, K. A. Muszkat, N. T. Anh

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All these molecules are strongly fluorescent at low temperatures, 44 and 46 showing strong fluorescence even at room temperature. As might be expected singlet state emission takes place at the expense of ring opening, the quantum yield of which decreases appropriately. Table 14 summarizes some typical values of fluorescence and ring-opening quantum yields (~F and ~o, respectively), at - 160 ~ and at +20 ~ Table 14. 6 at -20 ~ The efficient emission of molecules in this class is due to the exceptional stability of the 1st excited singlet state, as shown by the detailed analysis carried out in the case of 4449), (see also Sect.

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Erased by h i 436. Ref. 005 M, CH, UV b. 46,erased by h i 436, same in T. Ref. 14, Ref. 22) * 97 K. A. Muszkat Table 4. 4a,4b-Dihydrophenanthrenes. 7 (~ 8000). In MCH/IH (10 - 5 M) h i 334 at - 1 0 o , e 50%. 5 Ref. 7. 03 h, Ref. 5;r25 55 h, Ref. 6 at - 1 8 5 ~ 10 - 5 M in MCH/IH, h i 334 - c 25%. 5,E o 3. 2. 8 min, rtex. 7 mitt, Ref. 7; r2S 102 min, Ref. 23) 98 The 4 a,4 b-Dihydrophenanthrenes Table 5. 4a,4b-Dihydrophenanthrenes. Systems with five conjugated rings derived from 1,2-dinaphthylethylenes 9 10 6 5 ~.

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