Wild Monica started in 2007 at a small university in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The band grew from friendships formed around a passion for music. Wild Monica gigged extensively over their 4 years as college students in the Philadelphia area and branched off into other markets through college campus exposure and a young fan-base willing to spread the music to friends. Wild Monica has had the honor of sharing the stage with many nationally touring acts, as well as playing their own share of sold-out headlining shows. When the band graduated in 2011 they had the opportunity to enter the studio for the first time and record their debut album. The album has a slated release of Spring 2012.

Wild Monica’s music is a unique blend of high-energy powerful rock mixed with smooth melodies and funky riffs. This sound has the ability to keep a crowd moving all night, while connecting with them through the lyrics and mood of the music.

Wild Monica is:
Kevin Tymon – Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Mahoney – Percussion/Vocals
Kyle Voigt – Guitar/Bass
Ryan Paggi – Keyboard
Andrew Pettersen – Guitar/Bass
Brad Restelli – Drums

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